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Aerones specializes in the development of high load-capacity unmanned aerial vehicles – drones. Since the beginning of the project, an aircraft with a maximum capacity of 37 kg and an aircraft with a maximum capacity of 200 kg has been designed. Aerones drone has multiple safety mechanisms, reducing the probability of a human bodily injuries or construction damage.

Both aircrafts have been tested and their performance has been demonstrated in several tests. Of these, the most significant are: the first droneboarding in the world, towing a wakeboarder, lifting a person in rescue operations, towing four snowboarders as well as lifting a parachutist. At the moment, the company is co-operating with interested parties in the delivery of aircraft for entertainment, rescue, fire-fighting and shipping purposes. In regard to high altitude building cleaning services, Aerones is the first solution which could replace direct human labor in this industry. The technology allow to perform the cleaning services much faster and using less resources, therefore also much cheaper.