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Road Construction Company Binders Ltd was founded in 1993. The company is one of the industry leaders in Latvia that is able to carry out large-scale infrastructure and engineering systems construction and reconstruction in compliance with the highest quality and professional standards. The scope of activities of Binders include construction and reconstruction of roads, streets, squares; asphalt-concrete production; road construction material testing; geodesy; construction of railway, airfield and tram track infrastructure; construction of external water and sewerage networks, as well as territory improvement and construction site preparation.

Binders has four asphalt production plants, of which the most powerful is located in Vangaži. Its production capacity reaches up to 320 tons of asphalt per hour. In order to ensure the highest quality, Binders was the 1st company in Eastern Europe to start using asphalt anti-segregation equipment in asphalt spreading. Vangaži is also home to the certified material testing laboratory of Binders.