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Location, date completed:
Rēzekne, 2013
Construction of a multi-functional cultural center
Total building area:
11166 m2
Total size of glassworks:
4000 m2
Project implementation by:

Rēzekne was the first city in Latvia, where a completely new concert hall was built from the very foundations, and right now it is considered to be the most significant cultural building in Latvia.

GORS, the Embassy of Latgale, has a classic three-part volume composition – a lobby open for the view of several levels in height, a large hall and a small hall, which can also be used as a 3D cinema. Glazed facades and facades with decorative fiberglass slabs are well visible from the city viewpoints and harmoniously fit into the terrain.

The border between the facade and the roof appears to be demolished by using the same materials and proportioning in the closing part of the building, and the roof terrace is open for everyone in the summer season, where it is possible to arrange movie nights and concerts. Around the magic of a three-part volume there are a number of rooms for rehearsals, exhibitions, seminars, as well as separate rooms for artists, conductors. Expansive glazing emphasizes GORS’s public character and creates an indoor connection with the outside space.

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