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Location, year completed:
Riga, 2017
Reconstruction and construction of a production block in VEF territory
User and function of the building:
Production block of Mikrotīkls Ltd
Total area of the buildings:
13’043.8 m2 and 2'493.9 m2
Project implementation by:

The reconstruction of the factory, built at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, and the construction of a new building took place at the area where the electromechanical factory “Unions”, then the German company AEG, and later also the joint stock company “General Electricity Company”, worked until 1928, when The State Electrotechnical Factory or VEF took over. However, since June 18, 1989, when a part of the territory of VEF took a massive fire, the building stood unused in this part of VEF.

After the reconstruction and construction, a part of the VEF complex has acquired a new life, and in part the historical image of the VEF territory has been preserved in its entirety. Inside the historic walls two buildings have been newly built, which meet modern technological requirements for production, administrative and scientific work, and the walls were restored – cleared and reinforced.


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