Sensum Grupa at a glance

We unite a wide range of traditional and innovative businesses under a unified legal structure, one, one path for sustainable future.

Sensum Grupa AS forms a multisectoral holding of innovative businesses under a unified legal structure. Our businesses range from mature construction company to innovative high technology ventures, managing 7 companies in total.

We have a history of more than 25 years, basically from the very moment our country regained independence, we enjoy being part of agile and booming Baltic market.

We employ more than 1200 employees across our companies range with a consolidated turnover of 180 million Eur, uniting talents under one culture.

Our business principles

  • Inclusive environment for anyone involved
  • Listen to our clients, understand broader picture
  • Upscaling employees for higher value
  • Consistency as a culture across structure
  • Innovative part in every project
  • Multidisciplinary investment policy

Further reading

Sensum Grupa AS is a holding company with roots as far as 30 years ago with the restoration of independence of the Republic of Latvia.

We’ve had a privilege to be in construction, energy and technology sectors in a demanding and fast growing market like the Baltics.