Our Culture

Build, Manage, Give!

Wide range of professionals of various ages form our multicultural and committed team across all sectors and
businesses, that is united by our corporate culture, that is based on values, like work-life balance, inclusion, safety
and education. We enjoy hard work, being part of a booming construction, engineering and technology sectors
where we welcome talented professionals.

Talented professionals

  1. We value work, we do

    We only do what we are qualified to do, we improve your skills and talent to create value, thus meeting the
    needs of our clients and delivering results on time and within scope. That is professional.

  2. We learn and train

    We encourage our people to benefit from our upscaling packages, share knowledge and best practices in
    between teams. That’s professional.

  3. We value diversity

    We understand, we are people of various interests, nationalities and beliefs. We embrace diversity in
    culture and religion. We understand value of each other and rely on our team as we rely on ourselves.
    That’s professional.

Safety and health

Holding companies invest heavily in safety and trust. Especially true in a
construction business, where safety is always first. We value human life
and safety above all other, therefore one of corporate policies for all
businesses is stable and safe work environment.

From a construction worker dealing with heavy and dangerous equipment
to IT department personnel spending hours by computer screen, safe work
environment rules and practices govern standards of maintaining a healthy
life in these environments.

We take care of each other and trust as a team. Being true professionals
with positive attitude towards work creates trust in between team members, trust in work we fulfil and trust in our governance.

We support


Education. Children and Youth

It has been said that every next generation is smarter than the previous
one, and experienced business executives have decided to give their
contribution to the education of the younger generation. A number of
group companies support two major Latvian universities – the University of
Latvia and the Riga Technical University – by granting scholarships and
internship opportunities for high school and college students.

With the support of companies, the monograph “History of the National
Economy of Latvia” and other books have been issued. At the same time,
companies often engage in charity-based support initiatives for schools
and orphanages.

Environmental and animal protection

Caring for the society within the holding means developing a healthy
environment not only for humans but also for animals. Therefore,
companies regularly respond to various environmental and animal welfare
initiatives. Companies of the group have been the General sponsors of the
Big Cleanup for two years, and have also helped to create new pine and
spruce plantation with their support. With the support of the companies
the construction of the Labas Majas animal shelter, which has been in
difficulty, has been successfully completed, and now it has helped save
several thousands of animals.

Culture and urban environment

Over a hundred years long cultural development of amateur collectives and
professionals has enabled Latvia to justly enter UNESCO’s list of Intangible
Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The tradition and symbolism of The Song
and Dance festival is unique only to the Baltic countries. Companies of the
holding have supported various choirs, folk dance groups, orchestras, as
well as towns and their holidays since their founding. A professional folk
metal band initiative was also recently supported – a metal opera.


Sports development

Professional sport is one of the leaders in building national self-confidence,
thus the companies of the holding have been supporting a number of
sports and athletes for over 20 years.

Within the group, the largest amount of funding has been received by the
Latvian Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation, the Latvian Basketball
Association, the Latvian Equestrian Federation, the Latvian Volleyball
Federation and various other organizations.