Power and Energy sector

Sensum Grupa AS delivers single point of contact services, covering energy infrastructure needs in both power generation to energy delivery underground or above ground.

Combining our extensive knowledge in designing and building power grids and networks we complement our construction service portfolio with energy delivery engineering.

Our businesses include AdvanGrid, an innovative energy management company and Elsana pioneering solar projects, which are partly of wholly owned by the holding.

ELSANA - the oldest electrical equipment, system installation and design company.

Elsana was founded on December 23, 1991, but it is rightly considered to be one of the oldest electrical installation companies in Latvia – its origins can be traced back to 1961 “3. Repair and Construction Administration ”. Within thirty years, SIA “ELSANA” has developed into a stable company, one of the cornerstones of which is professionally experienced and highly motivated employees.

The company employs an average of 50 people who regularly study and improve their qualifications – attend various courses and seminars both in Latvia and abroad, and successfully pass the certification. At the same time, the replacement of young electricians from Riga Technical University, Riga Technical College and other vocational schools is brought up – they are provided with internships and internships.

The company is constantly evolving – the use of new technologies and materials in real life allows SIA “ELSANA” to successfully compete and perform works of various degrees of complexity both in the local – Latvian market, in Europe and around the world. Long-term and close cooperation with construction companies, architects ‘and designers’ offices, as well as fast and high-quality execution of work has provided employees with rich experience and confirmed the company’s level of professionalism.

Advangrid makes energy efficiency made simple

AdvanGrid has developed a unique energy monitoring system (including GridLink devices) which enables quick and accurate assessment of energy power and consumption, which allows the user to make the right decisions about the most efficient use of energy resources and reduce consumption. The GridLink device enables the user to measure parameters of an electrical network and the devices connected to it and to receive the measurement data to an online analysis and visualisation system.

It allows monitoring and analysis of both electrical connections of customers and transformer substations, as well as analyse individual electricity consumers such as building ventilation and lighting systems as well as various industrial production facilities.

AdvanGrid helps companies to reduce electricity costs, control the quality of electric power, control and measure current fluctuations and directions, determine the actual connection capacity required, perform comparative analysis of production efficiency, choose the most suitable solution.