HiTech & ICT Sector

Sensum Grupa AS is heavily investing in technologies contributing to sustainable future of both holding businesses and solutions provided to their clients. Such allows for quick international expansion, where heavy duty construction machinery equipped business proves to be of a local character.

Outside of the construction sector, the holding implements a multidisciplinary investment policy and has successfully helped to develop such information and technology brands as Aerones, Files.fm, Advangrid, Intelligent Systems and others.

Aerones - Robotic wind turbine care services, inspection.

Aerones started in the development of high load-capacity unmanned aerial vehicles – drones. Since the beginning of the project, an aircraft with a maximum capacity of 37 kg and an aircraft with a maximum capacity of 200 kg has been designed.
Currently Aerones specialize in robotic wind turbine care services. Wind turbine blade maintenance is changing thanks to our 120+ dedicated professionals. Aerones’ hub in Northern Europe, Riga, is rapidly expanding to offer robotic inspections, cleaning, coating, and repair services for wind turbine blades. We have accomplished a lot,
and there is still more to come. We will soon be able to perform jobs nobody else can. The sky is the limit for Aerones team.

Intelligent Systems - The highest quality products for telemetry industry

Intelligent Systems specialises in the development of telemetry solutions as a full-cycle enterprise that manufactures electronic equipment, maintains usage systems with support and customer service for more than 500 clients in Latvia alone. The company has obtained international presence by establishing representative offices and franchises in at least 20 countries.

Intelligent Systems focuses on developing high-quality and convenient solutions for customers’ needs within its activities. The main service areas are GPS transport control systems, routing development and optimisation, as well as fuel control.

Files.fm - Data storage and exchange platform

Files.fm is an information technology company with simple to use yet innovative software products for file storage applications since 2007. Technology, experience working together and knowledge of the target market units the employees of the company.
The company has built several B2B and B2C systems for continuous operations of companies working in such fields as telematics, geography and workforce management. Using the company’s experience and knowledge, a solution is currently being developed for storing and exchanging data for specific business needs.

Files.fm are internationally active with customers around the globe. It uses data centres in Europe and USA, as well as content delivery edge servers and it provide international support.

Genuine Wind - New generation wind turbine

Current wind energy turbine design is at the limit of its technological capacity and Genuine Wind is working on the new generation wind turbine. This vertical axis turbine features 53% efficiency (Cp), which provides a 2-2.5 fold increase in energy production, while working with less noise footprint and being safer for the birds.