Sensum Grupa AS is strategically managed by the Board (Council). This strategy is implemented by the strategic management of each business. Implementation is supervised by a board of managing directors, overseeing daily operations.

Sensum Group Council and the Board

Board consists of elected Council or Supervisory Board members, represented by major shareholders of the Group’s assets. Board’s aim is to defy a long term strategies and establish the culture. Chairman of the Board is elected by majority of the votes, given by members of the Board. Board oversees implementation of long-term strategies, while the Council provides top lever management, mitigation of risks and means of control.

The Council (Supervisory Board)

Mr. Jānis Zagorskis
Chairman of the Council

The Board

Mr. Mārtiņš Lāma
Chairman of the Board
Mrs. Dina Auziņa
Member of the Board
Mr. Pauls Sondors
Member of the Board

Governance and Responsibility

At Sensum Grupa we understand the necessity to ensure we act and implement our policies today to act responsibly in the name of a future both fort our businesses and the environment. We strive to perfect our long-term strategies for being transparent and environmentally responsible business, by educating our people and having clear policies to meet the demands of sustainable business in the future.

Our holding companies seek cooperation projects contributing to innovation and openness towards involved parties with a responsible resource management.